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Pacific Ethanol Corp is based in Australia and is involved in renewable fuels, biodiesel, ethanol and alcohol of various grades and other commodities.
We work closely with our suppliers in the South Pacific Region, ASEAN region, Europe, US, South America and Africa to provide these producers with marketing and logistics support - acting as a bridge to export markets.
We seek long term contracts in preference to ‘spot’ trading. In particular we work closely and cooperatively with producers to achieve off take arrangements. We aim to bring a bankability rigour to the process by assisting with a risk analysis and developing alternatives to mitigate those risks through counterparty selection, hedging, and contracting. We manage the marketing and logistics process for a producer and act as their outsourced marketing arm, with a global reach.
We have a vast portfolio of international clients ranging from multinational companies to privately owned import and distribution companies. We have an understanding of the business drivers and issues which affect the industry globally, and provide these buyers with up to date information about the market and strategies to manage risks. We work closely with clients to structure contracts most appropriate for their needs in a volatile market.
Currently the world is undergoing a significant change within energy markets and this has affected the investment appetite. We have deep experience in capital markets, structuring and mergers and acquisitions, and are involved in funding for projects.